Walking the Dog by Peter Coles

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“Walking the Dog” is an on-going project, photographing everyday objects, scenes and people, usually within a radius of about half a mile around where I live in northwest London, using an iPhone. The photographs are often taken after I’ve dropped my kids off at school, on the way to and from the Tube, as I go shopping or to a café. When I started the project, a few years ago, the iPhone camera was pretty basic, but now, for its size, it’s amazing. I have found the transition from film to digital photography difficult – I just don’t much like the cameras and still mainly use film for professional work. So, having a fairly decent camera in my iPhone has solved a lot of my problems. The project is partly a continuation – in London – of my “Paris Traces” series on abandoned objects, taken over the last 10 years or so of the 20 years I lived in Paris. It is also a kind of meditation on local life, after years spent travelling to remote parts of the world, while I hardly knew my neighbours back home. The title comes from cockney rhyming slang, where a telephone is a “dog and bone”. So my camera is my iBone.

Peter Coles has been a Visiting Fellow in CUCR since 2007. As well as carrying out research and photographic projects with colleagues in the Department (e.g. “London-Luton, a photographic study of the Lea Valley”, with Gesche Wuerfel), Peter also teaches on the Photography and Urban Cultures MA and is a tutor for the International Urban Photography Summer School.  Peter originally trained as an experimental psychologist, interested in visual perception, before becoming a journalist and photographer for international science magazines and UNESCO, based in Paris.  Peter currently works as consultant editor for international organisations including UNESCO, OECD and the European Commission.

For further information contact Peter on  pcoles@me.com or for further work see http://petecoles.me

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