“Adrift – The Unfamiliar Familiar of Modern Society” by Johannes Rigal

DSCF4618_DSC8534The basic premise of the Adrift show is to look at the world photographically, visually but also theoretically and see in what way – or different ways – society, the city and identities could be explained, interpreted and visually represented.


Adrift was first put together and curated by Gasket (gasket-gallery.com) last year during Urban Photo Fest 2012 (www.urbanphotofest.org). Gasket Gallery is an online gallery and magazine with occasional ‘off-line’ exhibitions.

I and my co-curators Sally Hart, Simon Saint, Michael Frank sought to create a space which showcases unknown photographic talent. Galerie Ruberl (www.ruberl.at) – an established art dealer and art gallery in the heart of Vienna saw this exhibition, its artists and photographers as something worthy of presenting in Vienna.

One of the most interesting outcomes for Gasket is to see what the artwork and therefore the artists are able to do in different spaces, how these spaces are formed and how – through curatorial help – the photographs speak to each other.


Last year’s exhibition was held at Truman Brewery, in the East End of London, in a single big space. Galerie Ruberl is – compared to that – narrow, with low ceilings and a bit like a maze with different rooms. One of the challenges connected to this was to imagine the photographs in such an environment at first and then make the visual connections between them. Strong bodies of work request careful attention when it comes to locating them in a room and negotiating the space with and through them. This has to do with visual stimuli, with thematical relationships but ultimately with the way an over-arching narrative can be detected among 10 individual bodies of work.


So this is an exercise in curating just as much as it is a showcase for photography; an exhibition made possible by the quality of the artwork.

The 10 photographers exhibiting are: Nora Alissa, Laura Braun, David Kendall, Isidro Ramirez, Manuel Vazquez, Lene Hald, Gesche Wuerfel, Paul Smith, Liz & Max Haraala Hamilton, Simon Rowe.


“Adrift” is open until 27 June 2013 at Galerie Ruberl, Himmelpfortgasse 11, A-1010 Vienna, Austria.

For further information go to: http://www.ruberl.at and : gasket-gallery.com

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