Voho to Soho: A Walk in A City of Pleasure by Yanni Eleftherakos

Voho to Soho

Think about a city. Think about a walk. Think about pleasure gardens and dance clubs and naked men in steam rooms. Think about secret agents and expensive tower blocks and goats and pigs and ponies. Think about art and politicians, about lords and MPs and a sovereign. Think about churches and palaces and council flats. Think about monuments and bells and gigantic wheels and fish in tanks and paintings. Think about violins and pianos and actors and buskers and opera singers. Think about oysters and hot dogs and juices and chips and paella and pizza and beer and noodles and champagne. Think about multinationals and bookstalls. Think about migrants and tourists. Think about prostitutes and drug dealers. Think about currency and trainers and uniforms and black ties and Chinese remedies and sex toys and porn. Think about massage and alcohol and ice cream and cannabis and coffee. Think about trains and buses and cars and boats and ships and scooters. Think about roads and pavements and soil and tracks and bridges. Think about eating and drinking and smoking and standing and sitting and lying and walking and jogging and skating and cycling and queuing and waiting and shopping and watching and listening and smelling and photographing. Think about the air and the earth and the water. Think about people. And now think about you…

Vauxhall to Soho is one of the three walks entitled “All Roads Lead to Soho”. The concept behind this particular branch is to experience the diversity of power and power of diversity in the city, by compelling the walker to perceive this walk as something totally different to a stroll along a river. While walking, the participants will be invited to consider what “everyday life” is to different people, to imagine what takes place behind closed doors, to examine issues of access, trust and belonging and look at the ever-present contemporary city issues through the prism of “urban pleasure”.

Yanni Eleftherakos, Walk Leader.  

Yanni studied Business and Finance before joining Goldsmiths Sociology and CUCR for his MA in Photography and Urban Cultures. He is now pursuing a PhD in Visual Sociology while his research interests lie in issues of urban identity, place inspiration to human action, trust in the city and urban sanctuaries. He is also the Programme Co-ordinator of UrbanPhotoFest and he is a keen on walker and  photographer of the city. www.visualurbanist.com


Tuesday 9th July

Meeting Time


Meeting Point

Vauxhall Underground Station Ticket Hall

Distance / Duration

2.5 miles (4km) / 2 hours


Free / IVSA Conference delegates only

For Information on all walks and Booking



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