IVSA Conference Walks 2: Home

The second in this occasional series of photo-essays formed by participants on the IVSA Conference Walks held in July, this post focusses on the theme of ‘home’. Thanks for contributions from the following :

Jordanna Matlon jcmatlon@gmail.com

Orsolya Bajusz so201ob@gold.ac.uk

Anya Pechurina

Paolo Cardullo p.cardullo@gold.ac.uk

jordanna whitechapel to soho18.59.07

jordanna whitechapel to soho 18.55.56 Anya Pechurina_3782 paolo01 bajusz_orsolya  bajusz_orsolya_phone_conferenceIVSA_0586 bajusz_orsolya_phone_conferenceIVSA_0603

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