URBAN PAUSE by Lauren Finch


Location: Laurie Grove Baths, Centre for Urban and Community Research, Goldsmiths College, SE14 6NW

Date :  10 March

Time : 18:30. All welcome.

Exhibition Opening Times / Mon-Sun at 09:00 – 22:00

After six months of hard work in the Photography and Urban Cultures MA programme, we, the small, close-knit group of students, are ready to reveal our visual discoveries. While London is new to the majority of us, our lenses have helped us adapt to this vibrant, global city. We strive to understand the urban environment around us by questioning the function, purpose and development of various interactions and processes. As we move through the city, we use our photography to ground our sociological discourse and further support our pressing questions. [1] Urban Pause represents a sampling of how we respond to these tenacious enquiries. The common themes that carry throughout our work include abandoned objects, locality and transition, as we move through the encountered spaces.


Martin, J. (2015). Crossings

As modern flaneurs, we wander and make observations at street level, searching for something that stops us in our tracks. [2] Certain moments have an arresting quality; they immobilize us briefly, provoking a flash of awe amidst the everyday. As photographers, we have the unique ability to freeze and memorialise these fleeting encounters with the press of a shutter. Urban Pause depicts how we capture these transitory interactions with the urban environment. As this exhibition is comprised of images from the first term of our programme, it reveals just a hint of insight into where our diverse bodies of work are headed.


[1] Knowles, C. and Sweetman, P. (2004). Picturing the social landscape. New York, NY: Routledge.

[2] Clarke, G. (1997) The photograph. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Lauren Finch is one of the MA Photography and Urban Cultures representative at Goldsmiths University. She is currently working as a full time student, focusing her studies on objects for transition.

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