Rethinking Life at the Margins

Book launch at Goldsmiths, University of London

Venue : Ben Pimlott Building’s lecture theatre

Date : Friday the 14th of October 2016

Time : 4 – 5.30 PM



Social sciences are inherently fascinated by difference. Often departing from relatively central positions, geographers, sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, philosophers, and others are attracted by the margins as providers of objects and subjects of knowledge.

This orientation of our desire to know demands a continuous effort for reflexivity and questioning of the positions of both researchers and their research participants, spaces, and materials. Lest University becomes “a space which devours minoritized languages and lives to strengthen or elevate major theories”, as Darren Patrick warns us at the end of this collection, ideas of difference, inequality, marginality and exclusion must constantly be re-thought, re-evaluated and debated.

This book launch is as an opportunity to promote and enlarge this discussion as much as an event to celebrate the publication of the book.

Please join Caroline Knowles, Sophie Watson and authors Michele Lancione, Tatiana Thieme and Francisco Califate for the launch of a new edited volume published by Routledge.

The conversation will continue over wine and snacks (courtesy of CUCR) at the Laurie Grove Baths Council Room.

This event may be of interest to friends, and colleagues from various disciplines including research students.

For further information contact : Francisco Calafate

You can read parts of the book here :

Details of the event here :

Further info and reviews:




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