The Construction of Brazilian Black Transnationalism in the 21th century: between diversity and difference by Valter Silverio

Date : Monday 20th November
Time : 6-7pm
Location : RHB 140, Goldsmiths, University of London
NEAB/UFSCar – Center for Afro-Brazilian Studies, Federal university of São Carlos/Brazil.
This work-in-progress paper will discuss some of the findings of the research project, “The Construction of Black Transnationalism in the Twentieth Century and the Afro-Brazilians Movements of the 21th century.” Indeed, the reception of historical-cultural legacies of the Black Atlantic that crossed and built a transnationally shared vision of Africa and Black during the 20th century has been growing in Brazil, since 1988. Access to education, but not to the labour market, has so far constituted the main battleground of racial and ethnic struggles in Brazil. Afro-Brazilians, in general, as well as Afro-Brazilian advocacy organizations in particular, have perceived education as one of the few mechanisms available to achieve social mobility. However, there is an absence, in daily life, of the translation of the legacy of Black Transnationalism in Brazil and of a history of the political-intellectual contribution of blacks, along with Africans, in general. Such absence in the twentieth century was related to the widespread ‘belief’ that Brazilian people would live in, and be the product of, a ‘racial democracy’. Hence, the absence now, I will argue, is related to a tension between “racial democracy”, “modernization theory” and “black essentialist perspectives”. 
For more information contact : Angelo Martins Junior 

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