How Do Children See the Regeneration of Deptford? by Anita Strasser

I recently did a workshop with Deptford kids to see how they understand the changes happening in the area. They all commented on the huge amount of flats being built and that there aren’t enough schools and surgeries for all these new people coming in. In their view, there are too many flats; flats that block out the sunlight for others, flats which stay empty and flats built for the rich. According to them, what people need is space: a spacious bedroom, space to play, space where they can relax.
I then asked them to build something that is missing in all this, something that would make Deptford a better place. This is what they came up with: a hospital because there are so many new people here but no new hospitals or doctor’s surgeries, a police station as there are too many robberies in the area, a few new schools, a garbage centre that recycles automatically, situated near the river to stop all the plastic bags being thrown into the Thames, a ‘safety place’ in Deptford Park where people can relax and feel safe, and more parking spaces outside schools and nurseries.
For a more detailed post and more images, please visit: 
Anita Strasser is PhD Candidate in Visual Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London

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