Goddard’s Pie & Mash shop has closed after 128 years in Deptford by Anita Strasser

Image by the author
Here is another story from Anita’s PhD which looks at the regeneration of Deptford. This time it concerns A. J. Goddard, a pie & mash shop with a history of 128 years in Deptford. The closure is due to the increased need for maintenance work which Goddard’s cannot afford while receiving a decreasing number of customers. As a result, Lewisham council is not renewing the lease.  The last day of trading was on Sunday Oct 7th and as regular customers promised, they gave Goddard’s a proper send-off. Many of Goddard’s customers have been coming for their pie, mash and liquor for over 50 years, bringing their children and grand-kids with them. For them, the closure of Goddard’s is the end of Deptford. ‘It is the end of an era’, as one person remarked.

There are two articles: the first tells the story of the closure.The second article is about the last day of trading, when all of Goddard’s customers came together to eat in Goddard’s one more time.


Anita Strasser is a PhD candidate in Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London.

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