Walking in Lisbon Symposium by Anita Strasser

Lisbon Image.JPGI’m involved in organising a symposium on Walking in Lisbon in January 2019, an event which is kindly supported by CUCR. The event is held at Centro de Informação Urbana de Lisboa, and is organised by The Research Centre of Socioeconomic and Territorial Studies at the University Institute Lisbon. The programme has been put together by myself and Carla Duarte, a PhD researcher at this research centre. Her PhD focuses on Walking as a research methodology, and we see this symposium as an opportunity to exchange ideas.  Carla is an architect and photographer, and completed the International Urban Photography Summer School and a 3-week internship at Goldsmiths some years ago. Hence, she is a regular visitor at Goldsmiths events, including the Engaging in Urban Image-Making symposium and Urban Photo Fest (UPF). The idea for this symposium emerged during a conversation on a bus, going from one event to another during UPF 2017, with us sharing our experiences of walking as a research methodology: Carla in relation to her PhD and me with regards to my mountaineering experience whilst researching and documenting the work and lives of mountain folk in a small mountain range in the Austrian Alps (see image below).

Anita Strasser Image.jpg
Image by Anita Strasser

This conversation has now resulted in a programme that includes Portuguese and CUCR academics including Carla and myself, as well as Dr Alex Rhys-Taylor and Dr Emma Jackson. For more information on the programme and for registration, in case you can attend (Lisbon in January is relatively cheap), please see above or here.

Anita Strasser
 is a PhD candidate in Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London.


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