Following the Flip-Flop Trail: Petrochemistry by Caroline Knowles

  As the oil tanker from Kuwait approaches the coast of South Korea at Daesan, corporate Korea rises up to meet it. Oil refineries and petrochemical plants line NW coastline around the Yellow Sea. The jetty fingers of the giant corporations of the Korean Chaebols – Hyundai Oil Bank, Samsung Total, LG and the Lotte Daesan … More Following the Flip-Flop Trail: Petrochemistry by Caroline Knowles

Surface of Self

In partnership with Urban Photo Fest, Photofusion are pleased to present Surface of Self, an exhibition that brings together artists Laura Cuch (Spain), Anastassios Kavassis (Greece) and Orly Zailer (Israel), whose work in contemporary photographic portraiture raises questions around human subjectivity and cultural identity. All three artists work with specific camera equipment to achieve their … More Surface of Self

Urban Encounters: Urban Materialities Focusing on the theme of Urban Materialities, this year’s Urban Encounters symposium highlights practices from a range of disciplines – including architecture, archaeology, visual arts and geography – that engage with notions of thing-ness. The interdisciplinary contributions bring distinctive, yet overlapping concerns to the investigation, critical analysis and theorizing of materialities within the urban … More Urban Encounters: Urban Materialities