The City to Sea Project | David Kendall and Rebecca Locke

   we are paper, we are celluloid, we are digital-Rebecca Locke-2015

we are paper, we are celluloid, we are digital, Rebecca Locke, 2015

The City to Sea Project brings together artists, photographers and urbanists to present and exhibit artistic, sociological and scientific research. Organisers, Rebecca Locke and David Kendall wish to generate collaborative projects that investigate how tourism, migration, urban ecology and biodiversity interlink with arts and cultural practice. Thus, transforming social perceptions, environmental and geographical links between cities, coastal towns and surrounding regions worldwide.

Cova do Vapor- Stefano Carnelli-  2014

Cova do Vapor, Stefano Carnelli, 2014

The project was Initiated by Rebecca Locke at Goldsmiths, University of London and evolved into the 2011 symposium, City to Sea, curated by David Kendall and Rebecca Locke. However since 2011 City to Sea has extended to include site-specific exhibitions, film screenings and workshops. These events aim to scrutinise self-identity, collective memory, migration, tourism, architectural redevelopment and regeneration processes in and around Global coastal towns and cities. Locke and Kendall’s collaborations include Magnum City to Sea (with Magnum Photos, 2013), ETNOFILm (with the Ethnographic Museum of Istria, Croatia, 2014-15) and City to Sea: Coney Island (with Goldsmiths, University of London, Tate Britain, London, Urban Photo Fest and the Association of Urban Photographers, 2015).

The City to Sea Project aims to foster innovative partnerships with arts practitioners and academic researchers. The photographs that accompany this text come from projects in the USA and Croatia, and work made by associates in Portugal, the USA, Georgia and the Crimean Peninsula. Consequently, the image selection presents an evolving portfolio of work that aims to explore links between art practice, sensory research and critical urbanism.

Georgia-Georgia-Yanina Shevchenko -Kyler Zeleny- 2013-2015

Georgia-Georgia, Yanina Shevchenko / Kyler Zeleny, 2013-2015

In early September 2015 Kendall and Locke will lead an intensive three-day workshop at the seaside resort of Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York City. Workshop participants will produce new exploratory projects, identify photographic narratives and contemplate aesthetic and ethical considerations that surround photography practice and sensory research.

Crimea-Konstantin Sergeyev-2012

Crimea, Konstantin Sergeyev, 2012

Programme highlights include a night walk led by New York resident photographer and photo editor, Konstantin Sergeyev (New York Magazine). Konstantin was born in Odessa, Ukraine, and moved to Brighton Beach, Coney Island at the age of twelve. The area continues to inspire and influence his photography practice that documents social / spatial change and migration in and out of New York City.

Material For Reconstruction, David Kendall, 2014

Furthermore, the workshop programme will be accompanied by contextual presentations, discussions and tutorials with researchers affiliated with The City to Sea Project, the Centre for Urban and Community Research and Goldsmiths’ Sociology Department including Paul Halliday (Goldsmiths, University of London / Urban Photo Fest), Yanina Shevchenko and Kyler Zeleny (Association of Urban Photographers).


To register for the workshop please visit:

More information about The City to Sea Project can be found at

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