Goldsmiths vs. Brexit. vs. Cumberland Lodge by Sian Gouldstone

This post is part of an occasional series, which has been produced in response to the PhD study weekend at Cumberland Lodge in June 2016, attended and organised by members of the Sociology PhD cohort at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

On the 24th June 2016, weary from an unexpected Brexit result, a group of students from Goldsmiths College travel to Cumberland Lodge in Great Windsor Park. Here, we use experimental, intuitive and inventive methods to try to answer the question: How are spaces known through practice and how are spaces practiced though knowing…?

Facing the challenge of trying to understand the space of the UK in the Brexit context and its history in colonial spaces, along with the challenge of how visual methods can contribute to these understandings, I produced this piece of work.

Sian Gouldstone is a photographic practitioner and educator currently undertaking fieldwork for her PhD in Melbourne, Australia. She received her MA in Photography and Urban Culture from Goldsmiths in 2010, with distinction.
Interested in domestic space, Sian uses theories of everyday life, memory, affect and the body to investigate how and where home is encountered in the houses of British migrants in Australia.

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